Monday, June 16, 2008

Tech Ed -- Lotsa Buzz ILM 2 and CLM

On Tuesday Bob Muglia made a big announcement -- ILM 2 Beta 3 has been released. While the beta install is only 64 bit on Microsoft Connect you can download the 32-bit Virtual PC. At the ILM 2 booth at Tech Ed the Microsoft ILM Product Group and I were handing them out like crazy.

Thanks to Nima for inviting me to participate at the booth.

Best session I went was by Candy Stark from MS IT. She presented on the smart card deployment at MSFT using CLM.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tech Ed Anyone?

I will be attending Tech-Ed IT-Pro in a little over a week. My employer Ensynch has a booth. I will also be spending some time at the Microsoft ILM Product Group's booth.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of folks out there and helping to demonstrate ILM 2 Beta 3! (Once it is released;)