Friday, April 23, 2010

Escape from Prague – Good to go for TEC

I went to Prague for a project intending to stay one week, but unfortunately I was delayed an additional week (volcanic ash cloud from Iceland – reread the news if you missed it). While Prague is a beautiful city and I met many wonderful people, the uncertainty of when I would be able to get home weighed heavily on me. I was worried about being separated from my family for weeks? months? More importantly ;) I was worried about getting back for The Experts Conference!

Well I have made good my escape! I am back home and will be heading to TEC! Hope to see you there!

BTW, Joe Zamora and I traded speaking slots (I was afraid I wasn’t going to arrive at TEC before Tuesday). No worries now, but we are keeping the schedule change. Joe will speak Monday after lunch and I will speak both Tue after lunch and then Wed at 8 AM.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

FIM 2010 Technical Overview Published – short version

Microsoft has published a short version of the FIM Technical Overview whitepaper written by David Lundell (me), Brad Turner, Chris Calderon and Joe Zamora. The longer version will come out a bit later. Short version, long version makes me feel kind of like I am figure skating in the Olympics. Thank you to Brjann Brekkan, Mark Wahl, Joe Schulman, Darryl Russi, Jack Kabat and Andreas Kjellman for their support, editing, eluciations on blogs and encouragement on this paper.

Microsoft has also released the updated FIM documentation for RTM. Congrats to Dave Kreitler, Markus, Brad Benefield and the rest of the documentation team!

I love the capacity planning guide section as well as the section Expected State Detection (formerly Object State Detection, and also referred to as Existence Test, Detected Rules Entry, Detected Rules List).


Fellow FIM Bots, Fellow FIMers, Fellow FIMians, Fellow FIMsters! Enjoy!