Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TEC Decks Posted!

If you attended TEC you can now get the Slide Decks by registering on TheExpertsCommunity.com

and accessing the following item: TEC 2010 Conference Materials Have Been Posted!

You can find my sessions here:


session Proper Care and Feeding of Your Databases: FIM, ILM, CLM, RMS, SharePoint and OCS

Without proper care and feeding of your databases (FIM Meta Directory Services, FIM Certificate Services, FIM Web Service, RM... continue reading "Proper Care and Feeding of Your Databases: FIM, ILM, CLM, RMS, SharePoint and OCS"

session FIM 2010 Performance Tuning (SQL and more)

Learn how to tune FIM 2010 to make it scream. Take a look at the various architectures and what they buy you. Learn how cruci... continue reading "FIM 2010 Performance Tuning (SQL and more)"

Brad Sessions are here:


  • Applying Policy Retroactively with FIM 2010
    Abstract not available. ...
  • Using DFS and GPO in ILM High Availability Scenarios
    This presentation will demonstrate how ILM Architects, Engineers, and Administrators can leverage Active Directory Distributed File System (DFS) to replicate solution content between the primary ILM server and the warm-standby server as well as...

    Joe Zamora:

    Custom Workflow Development in FIM 2010
    Get an in-depth look at the extensibility of Forefront Identity Manager 2010 through the use of custom workflow development. Although FIM 2010 includes a new “codeless provisioning” feature set, you’ll find that you can’...

    Other Ensynch Presentations:

    Federated SSO Solutions Using SharePoint 2010
    In the world of on premise and hosted “cloud based” solutions, how can you best simplify your coexistence strategy? Attend this session presented by Ensynch’s Identity Management and SharePoint teams to see how the combined kn...


  • Building Exchange 2010, Managing and Integrating with Exchange Online via Microsoft Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS)
    Microsoft Exchange 2010 is available both as on-premise software and as a hosted service, and you can now choose the right deployment option for your organization, whether you deploy Exchange Server on-premises, host your mailboxes with Exchange Onli...
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