Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Errata and Updates to FIM Best Practices Volume 1

Thanks to several readers including Freek Berson, for catching a few errors I made while revising after my first round of reviewers.

Changes: in version 1.1 (Sept 28, 2010)

Chapter 1, updated the manager to director card, previously the word director was not visible (page 2)



Chapter 1 Fixed “Error Missing Reference” in Chapter 1 (page 4) to refer to Figure 1-2 Actual Photo of Smart Card

Fixed client unattended install in Chapter 7: deleted reference to config files and corrected registry references.

Updated bio


Here is the beauty of Print on Demand I have fixed the errors listed above and released a new version of FIM Best Practices Volume 1 through Lulu. As of now all new copies ordered will have the above corrections.

A lot of folks have asked about an e-book and I am looking into that. Others have asked about volume 2 and I am working on that. For now my target date for volume 2 is December


Keith Crosby said...

Could you post a complete listing of the corrections? In particular, the changes around the unattended client install. BTW, great job on Volume 1. I'm, looking forward to Volume 2 (and an eBook version would be great as well).

Scott Eastin said...

I love volume 1! Is it too soon to start asking about volume 2 :-)

David Lundell said...

I have made a new post with the details of what should be on page 183 (unattended client install)