Friday, April 27, 2012

Picking a mobile phone plan: AT&T

I am currently a Sprint customer, and I am in the process of considering a replacement. So I analyzed AT&T’s plans. I found some interesting things:

They have three individual plans that don’t include long distance to Canada but do include US long distance.

min cost $/min Over $/min Min over to break even with next plan Rollover Weekend min
450  $   39.99  $   0.089 0.45 44 yes 5000
900  $   59.99  $   0.067 0.4 25 yes unlimited
Unlimited $69.99       n/a unlimited

They include unlimited calls to other AT&T mobile customers. For $8.99/mo more you can get early nights and weekends.

The first interesting thing to notice is that on the 450 min plan if you will go 45 min over per month it is cost effective to go with the 900 plan. So if you will do 495 min/mo then the 900 min plan is better.

The next thing is that if you go 25 min over the 900 min plan it is more cost effective to do the Unlimited plan.

The most interesting thing is that if you are on the 900 plan and thinking about spending the extra $8.99 per month for earlier nights and weekends (7 pm instead of 9pm) why not spend $1.00 more per month to have all day be a night and weekend (since you have unlimited minutes).

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