Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to get from the Sync-Rule-ID to the Sync Rule Resource ID

If you are looking at the XML export of the FIM synchronization config and you are trying to track down which sync rule is supplying a particular flow you just need to know which numbers lead you where.

For example:

<import-flows mv-attribute="accountName" type="ranked">
      <import-flow src-ma="{9686B319-E4BF-49C5-90C9-59054CCE3F92}"
                   cd-object-type="user" id="{210D4BB7-B886-4898-8361-7A232BBD65E8}">
        <sync-rule-mapping mapping-type="direct"
                           initial-flow-only="false" is-existence-test="false">

The key to finding the Sync rule is of course the Sync rule ID. However, this is not the resource ID that I can search for in the FIM Portal. Rather this is the metaverse ID.


From there I can open the list of connectors and for sync rules there should be one -- the FIM MA.

Then I can see the Distinguished Name of the Sync rule which is the Resource ID (aka ObjectID)


Then I can search in the FIM Portal by ResourceId and find the corresponding Synchronization rule:


Even better is to use the Join-ImportToExportAttributeFlow PowerShell commandlet originally created by Craig Martin

Joe Zamora found and tweaked a minor bug in it: be sure to use this fix.

Using the commandlet you can have a spreadsheet showing you the end to end attribute flow.